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Beavers is for boys and girls 5¾ - 8 years old. Our group meets on Monday evening at HQ.

We have lodges and you will be put into one on your first night. We have names like Red Lodge, Black Lodge, Green Lodge and Blue Lodge as lodge names.

Ceremony to say 'Goodbye' - The Beaver Scout Shout

  • The Beaver Scouts stand in a circle.
  • The Leader chooses a Beaver Scout to stand in the middle of the circle and hold the Beaver.
  • They choose how the shout is going to be made. (Loud or quiet, fast or slow).
  • The Shout: North, South, East and West, Beavers, Beavers are the best. B.E.A.V.E.R.S BEAVERS.


After four weeks new Beavers are invested into the Colony. Once invested you will be given badges to go on your uniform, a Beaver Scout Log Book and a certificate.

Due to the Child Protection Act, Beavers must be eight years of age before they can move up to Cubs.

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